"Every Indian carries a notion of Utopia in the recesses of
their minds. For generations we have been told stories of the triumph
of good over evil and the quest for the perfect existence"

Curator : Rajshree Pathy

Designer : Sumant Jayakrishnan

Audio Visual Design : Avinash Kumar

Artist & Graphic Designer : Hanif Kureshi & Rutva Trivedi

Content : Alice Cicolini

Additional Content : Meher Varma

Produced by : India Design Forum

India's utopias articulate the intersections between ancient myth and modern design innovations. Like the seven chakras that provide us with a metaphor for our work, our visions of utopia are simultaneously spiritual, progressive. self-sufficient and layered. For Rajshree Pathy - the Founder of the India Design Forum -- "mythological stories are a foundation for utopia because they represent how ancient communities tried to reach a perfect ideal." With leading scenographer, Sumant Jayakrishnan she wanted to create this representation of mythology as not separate from, but in dialogue with design innovations.

This installation also captures the sociological conversations around Indian utopias to illustrate both the continuities and discrepancies between India's past and future. myth and reality.

Our utopias are multiple. unfinished. and not without an intrinsic connection to dystopia. The installation includes fabrics made by Aadyam, the weavers' initiative of the Aditya Birla Group. Pathy highlights the importance of the Group's support on the project. and the important work the company undertakes across India: "They work with textile weavers from across the country and assist them with design interventions in their traditional techniques to create contemporary products which they help to market. This is a perfect partnership and association for IDF".

"We hope the audience will pause for a while in wonderment at the abundance of India. the myriad emotions that are conveyed through this work and then be startled and perhaps leave with a bit of the soul of India in their hearts forever", Pathy says.



Sumant Jayakrishnan is a scenographer, designer, and installation artist who is based out of New Delhi. He transforms spaces and creates beauty for a range of contexts around the world. He builds in elements of imagery, video mapping, calligraphy, lighting, performance and installations for projects across disciplines, whether Theatre, Dance, Art, Film, Fashion or the world of Events.

He has been a recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Arts Award (1994), the Sanskriti Award (2001), and the Fulbright Arts Fellowship (2002).

Some of his projects include Deepa Mehta's film "Water" (Art Direction), Tim Supple's multilingual play "The Midsummer Nights Dream" (Stage and Costume Design), The India Art Fair, as also extensive work as a set designer in the world of Indian Fashion and the big fat Indian Wedding (India and the world). He has been the designer for conceptual events for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Moschino, Dior, Steinmetz, Swarovski and Bulgari in India.



Avinash is a design strategist, researcher and artist-performer, and co-founder of three of India's well-known creative endeavours - Quicksand, an innovation and strategic consulting firm, BLOT!, the country's premiere audiovisual collective, and UnBox Festival, an interdisciplinary arts platform. With an inclination towards building entrepreneurial projects, Avinash has been exploring design processes and cooperation within the arts in India for over 15 years, and is widely regarded as a formidable presence in the Indian underground arts scene. His most recent project, a GamesLab for exploring play experiences, is set to emerge as a disruptive platform in gaming in India in 2017.



Hanif Kureshi is an artist working with street and typography. Kureshi is the founder of handpaintedtype.com, a project to conserve and digitize the vernacular street typography of India. Kureshi is also co-founder of St+art India Foundation, a non profit organisation which attempts to make art more accessible through the medium of street art festivals in urban India. Kureshi has exhibited his work at the Venice Biennale, Centre Georges Pompidou, Triennale Design Museum, Milan among others. Kureshi has been a speaker at global design events such as TypoBerlin, Atypl Iceland and Designyatra. Hanif and Rutva run Guerrilla, an underground art + design studio based in New Delhi.,