IDF Awards

Honouring pioneering voices, celebrating new talent and applauding innovative endeavours—award ceremonies in any field acknowledge individual efforts to constantly pursue excellence. And the IDF Awards, a biennial awards programme, turns the focus inexorably on design, celebrating the dynamic and creative talent in India, with the aim to discover the best across various design-related disciplines. The awards, as the name suggests, are part of the India Design Forum (IDF), an initiative launched in 2012 to draw national – and global attention to the ways in which design enriches economic development and everyday life.

Conceived by the Coimbatore Centre for Contemporary Arts (CoCCA) in collaboration with UK-based digital design and architecture magazine, designboom (, the programme seeks to increase awareness about design by edifying the public and honuoring individuals who have set new benchmarks in design and left a lasting impression with their work.The ‘Premier Edition of the IDF Awards was introduced in 2013, during the second year of the IDF. It consisted of a collection of the best in design production over five years, from 2008 to 2012. The 2015 awards will showcase the best design collections from the preceding two years 2013 and 2014.


As the premier design awards in the country, the IDF Awards will provide an important platform for talented individuals and design houses. The accreditation serves as a ‘seal of quality’, making the recipient a standard bearer for excellence in design and is a stamp of recognition from world-renowned design professional across the industry.

The awards are arrived at after a comprehensive selection process by a jury comprising artists and professionals of international renown chosen for their expertise. As visionaries with an intuitive knowledge about the field, the jury members will select winners based on their extraordinary skill and innovations in design.

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