About Us

India Design Forum (IDF) was founded in 2012 by Rajshree Pathy and Aishwarya Pathy as a pioneering initiative to promote innovative design and create an awareness of the power of design in India. As the largest and most influential forum of its kind in the country, IDF spans all disciplines under the purview of design: fashion, furniture, textile, industrial, product and architecture. IDF focuses on the evolution of design in India, its position in the context of global trends, and its engagement with the international design world. I DF was started as an inclusive design conference for dialogue, debate, consensus and action on how design can change and enhance the manufacturing sector in India. It provides an invaluable platform to experts, professionals, established names, and emerging talent to interact with their counterparts from across the world. It fosters design thinking in India and creates an infrastructure that encourages and enables young designers in India.



Art connoisseur, businesswoman, design aficionado, philanthropist Rajshree Pathy, the multifaceted founder and director of CoCCA, is the brain behind IDF. Her in-depth understanding of art and design gives her a unique perspective on design’s evolving role in India’s socio-cultural landscape. Rajshree has consistently strived to create awareness for contemporary art, design and architecture, through forums, workshops and partnerships. Her overarching objective for CoCCA has been to establish this centre as an inclusive space that will allow for freedom in creative expression. Born and raised in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Rajshree divides her time between her hometown and Delhi.


Aishwarya Pathy, is the Co-Founder of IDF, with a degree in theatre and dramatic literature from Wheaton college, Massachusetts.

Aishwarya’s insightful understanding and appreciation for design comes from her own association with the creative space. A designer, and artist, her work has been exhibited at Gallery Nature Morte in New Delhi and Mumbai’s Gallery BMB. Additionally Aishwarya manages several full time corporate responsibilities in real estate, commodities and textiles which bring many insights into the application of design in manufacturing processes.

Aishwarya is the curator of the IDF Design Week that provides opportunities to young product designers to exhibit their work, talks and workshops in heritage and industrial venues and collaborative design projects with producers.

She is a Trustee of G.V. Memorial Trust, which manages a school for 1000 underprivileged children in rural Tamil Nadu providing them equal opportunities for higher education.