"Every Indian carries a notion of Utopia in the recesses of
their minds. For generations we have been told stories of the triumph
of good over evil and the quest for the perfect existence"

Curator : Rajshree Pathy

Designer : Sumant Jayakrishnan

Audio Visual Design : Avinash Kumar

Artist & Graphic Designer : Hanif Kureshi & Rutva Trivedi

Content : Alice Cicolini

Additional Content : Meher Varma

Produced by : India Design Forum

In September 2016, India Design Forum represented India at the inaugural London Design Biennale as part of the annual London Design Festival. Themed 'Utopia by Design', the biennale featured installations by architects, designers, scientists, writers, and artists from over 30 countries exploring their definitions of how ,The World Reimagines the World,. IDF Founder Rajshree Pathy worked in collaboration with scenographer Sumant Jayakrishnan to incorporate the work of design strategist Avinash Kumar, artist Hanif Kureshi, and designer Rutva Trivedi to poignantly portray the multiple utopias that India emulates.

In accordance with IDF's vision, the piece successfully formed a modern day collaboration between India's rich cultural heritage - of traditional textiles and ancient mythology - with contemporary design, through innovation and technology.

"Yesterday, in London's stately Somerset House, on the banks of the Thames, a powerhouse of Indian design was unveiled. An installation uniquely Indian at its core, bore a name which celebrates a concept as ancient as time-that of the Chakra, or a source of power, and a symbol of evolution and renewal". Architectural Digest India, 2016

"Your installation was such a highlight of our event. With its mirrored floor, hanging textiles, and walls of street signs, it was definitely the most vibrant of our exhibits, and certainly one of the most photographed." Christopher Turner, Director, London Design Biennale.

The installation was subsequently displayed for an Indian audience as part of the Delhi edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival - the interdisciplinary arts festival first held in Goa, India, in December 2016.